How To Size Belts: A Quick Guide

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Whether you’re wearing a belt to hold your pants up or as an accessory, knowing how to size belts is crucial. It will prevent you from purchasing a belt that’s too long or too short. Even if you think you know your size, it’s better to be safe and know how to measure a belt size.

How to Size Belts with 3 Methods

Learning how to size belts is actually simple once you know what to look for. The best belt for you will be 1 size larger than your pant size. For example, if you have a 36-inch waist, you should buy a 38-inch belt.

If you don’t know your pant size, there a three simple ways that will help you find the right size.

1. Measure yourself

The first way to size belts only requires a pair of pants that fit well and a flexible tape measure. That will help you measure yourself to figure out your waist or hip size. Once you have this size, all you have to do is add two inches, and you’ll have your belt size.

Once you put on your pants, run the flexible tape measure through the belt loops like you would a belt. In order to get the right measurement, make sure the tape measure is level and not twisted.

Make a note of the measurement and add two inches to determine the correct belt size for you.

2. Use an old belt

Another way to figure out your belt size is to measure an old belt. However, this will only work if you use a belt that currently fits you well. All you need is the belt and measuring tape.

To start, lay the belt on a flat surface with the buckle facing left. Make sure the buckle is fully extended and not folded. Next, use the measuring tape to measure from the buckle to the belt hole you most commonly use.

Note the measurement. You’re best off purchasing a belt that is the same length or slightly longer. Thankfully, belts offer flexibility with multiple holes, so anywhere around your belt length will work.

3. Look at your pant size

Though this method isn’t as precise as the others, you can also learn how to size belts with your pant size. All you need is a pair of pants that fits well and has a numerical, waist-based size. That's easy with men’s pants, but this may be more difficult for women’s sizes.

Once you know the size of the pants, add two inches to that length. That will be the appropriate belt size.

Knowing How to Size Belts Merges Fashion and Functionality

Finding the right belt size means that you need to know how to size belts properly. There are a handful of ways to do this, and you can choose whichever one is most convenient for you. You can measure yourself or an old belt, or you can just look at the numerical size of your pants.

Once you know your size, you can wear both a functional and stylish belt with any outfit.

Which method do you prefer to use when picking a belt size? Let us know in the comments section.


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