Do You Wear a Belt with Suspenders? Style Mistakes to Avoid

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With the rise of hipsters, a lot of classic looks are coming back. One, in particular, is suspenders in a casual and professional setting. However, because this is an older look, you may find yourself asking, "Do you wear a belt with suspenders?"

There's a slew of style mistakes that many men make without even knowing it. Black shoes with a brown suit, buttoning the wrong buttons on a jacket, and recently suspenders. If you want to pull off this classy look, you better do it right or don't do it at all.

Do You Wear a Belt with Suspenders?

In today's age, belts are the norm, but it wasn't so common back in the day. Belts were a commodity that not everyone had, and they were coming into society. So, suspenders were the only option for keeping your pants from falling and making you look like a fool.

In recent years, suspenders have become the pinnacle of style, as they are a classic look. Of course, now there are a lot more styles to choose from. So the question of "Do you wear a belt with suspenders?" is an honest question.

However, the answer is still no, please no, and oh god no. Why? Because even style has rules.

Even though nowadays suspenders is mostly for aesthetic purposes, they still do their job exceptionally well. If you wear them correctly, they will keep your pants from falling down. And if you're wearing suspenders, the idea is that they are there to hold up your pants.

That's also the same job as your belt, so why would you need two accessories doing the same job? The reason this look is usually frowned upon is that it's redundant.

However, the unspoken reason for this rule is that rectangles are not attractive. Yup, rectangles.

By wearing a belt with suspenders, it creates three sides around the middle of your body and draws attention to everything between those lines.

Even if you have perfectly sculpted abs, no one can see that through your shirt, and it makes the rest of your outfit null and void.

Types of Suspenders

There are a ton of different styles and types you can choose from if you are set on the suspender look. The three common suspender styles are the "X" suspenders, "Y" suspenders, and "H" suspenders. Each is named for the form of the back and the shape they make.

Now, unless you're a firefighter, you probably won't be wearing the "H" style, but the other two are very popular. The "Y" look is the most classic and common, whereas the "X" is more like the new classic.

While asking the question of "Do you wear a belt with suspenders?" is essential, you should also look at what kind of suspenders you're wearing.

Along with these styles, you'll also find both button and clip-on suspenders. You can probably guess which is more appropriate between the two. Clip-on suspenders have the same stigma as a clip-on tie.

However, in today's age, clip-on suspenders can be seen as quirky, fun, and trendy. However, if you're at a formal event, avoid them at all cost because they don't look professional.

Also, clip-on suspenders can damage the waistband of your pants, if you're always wearing them. And that's something no one wants.

Other Common Style Mistakes

Believe it or not, sometimes us men need help. Shocking, I know. We make a lot of mistakes when it comes to our fashion, which is why a lot of times we need someone who can help us. Please help us.

If you're asking the question of "Do you wear a belt with suspenders?" there's probably more you should be asking.

While a lot of the men's fashion rules are more like guidelines, there are a few that are set in stone. These are rules that should never be broken in a professional setting.

Wrong socks with wrong pants

Its a standard rule that you should never wear white tube socks with suit or dress pants. Typically, you want your socks to match the color of your dress pants. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

In general, dress socks of any color are acceptable as long as they work with the rest of your outfit. For example, wearing red socks with a red tie will work, and colorful dress socks will make you seem lighthearted and fun.

Unless you are trying to intimidate someone, looking fun is perfectly fine.

However, wearing polka-dot socks with a striped tie is a no-no. You want your colors and shapes to either match or complement each other -- not clash.

But white socks are never acceptable in a professional setting. Khakis are the one exception, but even that is risky.

Watch your buttons

When wearing a vest or suit jacket, it's essential to pay attention to how many buttons you have buttoned. Traditionally, you should leave the undone. Traditionally, the lowest button should be left undone.

The origins of this are a bit ridiculous; they've been around long enough that not doing it is frowned upon.

The origin of this tradition stems from King Edward VII of England. He started leaving his bottom button undone for comfort. Next thing you know, the aristocracy obediently followed, and here we are.

Also, if you are wearing a blazer, never button those buttons. A blazer is always meant to be left open and never closed. And for suit jackets, unbutton it when you sit down and rebutton it when you stand up to leave.

However, while the question of "Do you wear a belt with suspenders?" is a resounding no, suspenders with a suit is absolutely appropriate.

Shoes and belts

Here's another widespread yet ugly fashion mistake that men make often. If you are wearing a suit or dress clothes in general, your shoes should match your belt. If you are wearing a black belt, you should have black shoes and vice versa.

Also, you should never mix brown and black, unless you are wearing khaki. If your suit is black, your belt and shoes should be in line. And the same goes for brown suits, for the love of God, please don't wear black shoes with a brown suit.

For other colored suits, follow the shoe/belt rule. White or tan suits will look good with either color, but usually better with black, as it adds some contrast.

How to Wear Suspenders

If you are asking the question of "Do you wear a belt with suspenders?" odds are you have a lot of learning to do. In terms of how to wear suspenders, it's pretty simple, depending on the type you have.

To put suspenders on properly, you first need to attach them to the back of your pants. It also helps to take your pants off to do this. Otherwise, you won't know if they are straight. Then you can put your pants on and flip your suspenders over your shoulders.

Lastly, all you have to do is fasten the front straps to your pants, and you're good. Now, if you have a pair of button suspenders, you will need buttons on either the inside or outside of your pants. Some pants are made for suspenders, but it's also not hard to sew buttons any pair you want.

Also, if you are worried about wearing a tie with suspenders, don't be. Any standard tie or even a bow tie (especially a bow tie) will work great with suspenders. Just make sure that the colors don't clash.

Are suspenders still in?

Absolutely. Suspenders are becoming very popular, thanks to the millions of hipsters sporting the look once again. However, to wear them correctly, don't pay attention to the hipsters, as they usually mess with tradition.

Stick to professionally wearing them, and you will be just fine.

Knock 'Em Dead

Suspenders can be a fantastic look if you wear them right. However, if you are asking the question of "Do you wear a belt with suspenders?" you are already on the right track. Asking questions is the only way you learn.

Have you found your classic look in suspenders? Show us your style in the comments below!


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