If you’re a modern gentleman, putting on a suit isn’t just a matter of choosing which clothes you’re going to put on for the day. Your clothing expresses who you are as a person. But most of all, your clothing choice reveals a hint of your personality and tells the world who you are (or would like to be).

Here’s a well-kept secret: the little details will make or break your look and your image. Savvy dressers pay close attention to small details, whether it’s neckties or cufflinks. And we here at Tieler happen to know that our customers are always the savviest dressers in any given crowd of people.

First, what are cufflinks? They’re a popular alternative to a traditional button. Whereas buttons are sewn into shirt cuffs, cufflinks are removable. You can find cufflinks in any number of various styles, sizes, materials, and colors. Also, they can be informal or formal, depending on how you wear them.

This is important to know: cufflinks call more attention to your outfit than buttons do because they’re often considered to be accessories. However, a true gentleman knows that cufflinks are much more than a mere accessory. Not only can they be used to bridge the gap between formal and casual, but they’re also used to add style to an otherwise ordinary outfit. Cufflinks take your look to the next level and transform a plain shirt into a work of art.

But why do cufflinks matter? At the beginning of your career, your neatly buttoned shirt held you in good stead. However, as you rise up through the ranks, or if you want to, that early look no longer works. You have to begin to consider the subtle details of your dress if you’re going to be taken as seriously as you want to be. Ever heard the saying “dress for the job you want”? There it is.

When you wear cufflinks, you’re giving the impression that you’re a man who puts thought into what he puts on every day. You’re also sending the subconscious message that you’re a man who pays attention to detail, a skill that every businessman strives to display. Studies have actually shown that men who dress more sharply are perceived as being more competent. So if you have your eye on that upper management position, be sure you’re completing your look.

At Tieler, we know that you’re a man who wants to have the best possible look, so don’t delay. Get yourself polished today.