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For most men, buying their first necktie is a sort of passage, if you will, into manhood. Even if you bought your first necktie when you were a small child, you probably remember the positive comments you received.

At Tieler, we want your necktie buying experience to be exceptional. If you’re a man, you need a diverse collection of neckties. Whether you dress in blue-collar clothing or business casual, having that varied necktie wardrobe is essential for the special occasions in your life. We believe that every man should own a variety of necktie styles and he should know how to wear them appropriately.

Not all neckties are created equal. Certainly, you can buy your neckties at big-box discount stores, but most of the people you encounter will notice the difference. There’s simply no substitute for a premium quality silk necktie.

The first necktie every man should own is a solid-colored necktie. Dark blue is the safest first choice. Rich, dark colors are perfect for strict business, with solid pastels being a good pick for more relaxed business occasions.

Swiss dot neckties are great for daily office work, but avoid them for strict business occasions. Matte dots against a reflective background are ideal.

Every man should own at least one foulard necktie. These features a repeating, symmetrical pattern that is laid out in a grid block array. Stick to one color family, and go for low contrast, such as dark blue on a light blue background.

For relaxed business occasions or casual occasions, it’s great to have a paisley necktie. Dark, muted hues with light highlights work best.

Striped ties often have meaning, so educate yourself on which stripes represent various groups or meaning. For example, don’t wear a striped tie that belongs to a specific university or military branch unless you are a member of that group.

Plaid or tartan ties are great under a sweater but should be avoided for strict business occasions.

Whether you're looking for your first necktie or your 101st, starting out with a diverse collection will hold you in good stead.