For most men, when you bought your first wallet, it was probably a rite of passage. Your first wallet was the official place to put that first hard-earned dollar. And you probably remember pulling your wallet out of your pocket the first time to pay for something.

At Tieler, we believe you should still have that same sense of pride in your wallet. No one wants to be “that guy.” You know the guy. The one who’s on a date or at dinner with his wife and sees the server bringing the check to the table, cringing inside because he knows his wallet is frayed to pieces and he’s going to look like a schmuck who either can’t afford a better wallet or worse, doesn’t even realize he needs a new wallet.

Trust us: if you think you need a new wallet, you need a new wallet.

But how do you know what to look for in a wallet when there’s such a dizzying array to choose from at the local discount store. First of all, get out of the discount store unless you’re buying laundry detergent. Real men don’t buy their wallets at the discount stores. Here at Tieler, we’ve got all the wallet selection you need and with one of our premium-quality wallets, you’ll be ballin’.

The first thing to look for in a wallet is quality. Wallets are one of the hardest working accessories you’ll ever own. Your wallet should be built to stand up to years of daily use.

Second, you need to make sure your wallet is comfortable. That’s not something that men think first about when they go wallet shopping, but if you’ve ever had an uncomfortable wallet, you know what we mean.

Third, your wallet needs to keep your money, ID, and credit cards safe. In addition to closing securely, your wallet needs to have RFID wave blocking technology to ensure that your cards and data are safe. This works with a special metallic layer that integrates into a card slot and prevents thieves from electronically reaching into your wallet.

Last, knowing your personal needs will help you make the best wallet choice. Need an extra slim wallet? A classic bifold may be just what you’re looking for. Do you have a lot of cards you need to carry? Maybe a trifold will suit your needs. Want extra protection? Check out some of our zippered wallets. Maybe you just need a bill clip or RFID secured credit card case. We’ve got those, too.

Whatever your wallet needs, you can feel confident in known you’ve come to the right place to find it.