About Us

Tieler believes that a wallet, luckily for most of us, doesn’t define a man. When it comes to fashion, we’ll also be the first to admit that clothes don’t define a man—but they do help other people define him. Hence, the need for Tieler.

At Tieler, we've always wondered why pay for one tie, what you could otherwise use to buy 6 scoops of ice-cream, a movie night, and 3 month’s worth of toilet paper? (crickets)

As a company, we believe it is a man’s basic human right to eat ice-cream, see movies, and use the toilet as many times as he’d like without worrying whether or not he looks good while doing it. We know what you're thinking. "Why haven't I been able to connect those dots before?" We don't know why you didn't, but we did :)

Welcome to Tieler!