Abyss Necktie
Abyss Necktie
Abyss Necktie
Abyss Necktie
Abyss Necktie

Abyss Necktie


The Abyss Awning Style Striped Necktie boasts big wide stripes in blue and grey. If you don’t want to have to think too much about which tie to wear, the Abyss Awning Style Necktie is the perfect choice for you.


This tie is easy to pair with both dress shirts and suits. It even dresses up a pair of jeans. That’s why the Abyss Awning Style Necktie is a timeless favorite. 

Product Information

The Abyss Awning Style Necktie by Jack Franklin is made on Italian weavers. Its luxurious fabric is 100 percent silk with a 100 percent wool interlining. 

You’ll see this silk tie offers an unmatched level of aesthetics and style that lasts through time. 

Plus the wool interlining gives the Abyss Awning Style Necktie a noticeable weight and perfect shape that remains wear after wear.

Quality and Durability

Our Abyss Awning Style Necktie is a sturdy silk fabric and Lined with wool for quality and durability.

The slip stitch is a loose weave which allows your tie to regain its shape after wear. 

Your necktie will arrive with an edge that is rolled and carefully pressed, ensuring a fullness at the edge rather than a flat crease.


The Abyss Awning Style Necktie is 60 inches long by 3.25 inches wide, for a classic wide-width tie.

Please note that sizing information is for reference only. A necktie should stop at your belt when it’s knotted. We suggest measuring yourself to ensure that you’re getting a tie that will be the perfect fit for you. 


This beautiful tie is an awning-style striped pattern. Intricately woven gray and blue silk stripes alternate down the length of the tie; loosely woven silk with a texture that gives this tie a classic style, weight, and appeal.

Caring for Your Abyss Awning Style Necktie

We recommend dry clean only. Never use spot remover products. Also, iron on a low-temperature setting on the backside of the tie in between visits to the dry cleaner.


  • Made on Italian Weavers

  • 100% Wool Interlining

  • 100% Silk

  • Dimensions: 60” long x  3.25” wide