Big Red Necktie
Big Red Necktie
Big Red Necktie

Big Red Necktie


Our Big Red Polka Dot Necktie is an accessory for anyone who wants to make a statement. You’re not afraid to get all the attention and your tie is a reflection of that bright and fun attitude you carry with you through life.


Our Big Red Polka Dot Necktie is an excellent choice for women or men. You can pair this tie with a wide variety of choices from denim jeans to pencil skirts and fitted shirts; of course, you can dress up a traditional suit jacket to show off your flair. At the office or a casual upscale party, you’ll steal the show in this trendy Big Red Polka Dot Necktie.

Product Information

The Big Red Polka Dot Necktie by Jack Franklin is crafted on Italian weavers out of luxurious 100 percent silk with a 100 percent wool interlining. 

Quality and Durability

Italian weavers ensure outstanding detailing, craftsmanship, and a tie that will last for years. 

The Big Red Polka Dot Necktie is a low maintenance tie, with a loose weave that helps your tie regain its shape after wear. 


Our Big Red Polka Dot Necktie is 60 inches long and 3.25 inches wide for a classic broad tie appeal.

Please note that sizing information is for reference only. A necktie should stop at your belt when it’s knotted. Therefore, we suggest measuring yourself to ensure that you’re getting a tie that will be the perfect fit for you. 

Black and White Plaid Silk Weave

This Big Red Polka Dot Necktie is an intricately woven surface with crisp, white silk polka dots on a bright red silk weave. You never have to worry about the tie fading or the colors bleeding, as the durable silk holds color over time.

How to Care for Your Jack Franklin Necktie

We recommend dry clean only for your necktie. Also, to prevent damage don’t use a stain remover. In between cleaning, iron the backside on a low-temperature setting. 


  • Label: Jack Franklin

  • 100% Wool Interlining

  • 100% Silk

  • Made on Italian Weavers

  • Wide: 60 inches L X 3.25 inches W