Little Big Red Swiss Dots Necktie

Little Big Red Swiss Dots Necktie


If you’ve been looking for a classic tie that is a relaxed take on a power tie, we invite you to fall in love with our Little Big Red Swiss Dots Necktie.

Every distinguished gentleman should own at least one classic Swiss dots tie. It can provide you with a polished look, and also serve as an on-trend look with a vintage vibe for a more relaxed occasion.


The Little Big Red Swiss Dots Necktie is versatile enough to wear to a job interview or a business event. It’s professional enough to go well with a suit, but casual enough to go nicely with just slacks or even under a sweater. 

The Little Big Red Swiss Dots Necktie is a great addition to your travel wardrobe.

Product Information

This necktie is made on Italian weavers of luxurious 100 percent silk with a 100 percent wool interlining. 

The wool interlining gives this tie weight, shape, and bulk. 

Quality and Durability

The Little Big Red Swiss Dots Necktie is a great easy maintenance tie. It’s made of sturdy fabric and has a loosely sewn slip stitch that helps prevent breakage from repeated knotting.

Your tie will arrive to you with an edge that is rolled and carefully pressed, ensuring a fullness at the edge rather than a flat crease.


This tie is 60 inches long by 3.25 inches wide.

Please note that sizing information is for reference only. A necktie should stop at your belt when it’s knotted. We suggest measuring yourself to ensure that you’re getting a tie that will be the perfect fit for you. 


The Little Big Red Swiss Dots Necktie is red with matte white dots. 

The matte white dots on this reflective black background offer an eye-catching look without being overwhelming. 


For this necktie, we recommend dry clean only. 

To iron your tie, iron it on the backside with an iron set on low temperature.


  • Made on Italian Weavers

  • 100% Wool Interlining

  • 100% Silk

  • Dimensions: 60” long x  3.25” wide