Tiny Blue Diamonds Necktie
Tiny Blue Diamonds Necktie
Tiny Blue Diamonds Necktie
Tiny Blue Diamonds Necktie

Tiny Blue Diamonds Necktie


This Traditional Tiny Blue Diamond Necktie is a must-have in any gentlemen’s wardrobe. An Italian weave silk tie exudes class and tradition. That’s why this tie is an exceptional example of the perfect accessory for a man who’s taking life by the reins. If you only have one tie in your closet for special occasions, you can’t go wrong with a classic diamond weave silk tie.


The Traditional Tiny Blue Diamond Necktie is an excellent choice for weddings and upscale dinners. You can wear it with a variety of blues and grays, from dark and smoky to something lighter for warm days and outdoor weddings. Regardless of your choice of fashion, this traditional broad tie will enhance your style.

Product Information

Our Traditional Tiny Blue Diamond Necktie by Jack Franklin is crafted on Italian weavers. The luxurious fabric is 100 percent silk with a 100 percent wool interlining which makes this necktie thick and durable.

Of course, these neckties make excellent gifts too.

Quality and Durability

Italian weavers ensure outstanding detailing, craftsmanship, and a tie that will last for years.

Tieler ties are packaged by professionals with an edge that is rolled and carefully pressed, ensuring a fullness rather than a flat crease.


Our Traditional Tiny Blue Diamond Necktie is 60 inches long by 3.25 inches wide for a traditional broad tie for a wide lapel.

Please note that sizing information is for reference only. A necktie should stop at your belt when it’s knotted. Therefore, we suggest measuring yourself to ensure that you’re getting a tie that will be the perfect fit for you. 

Diamonds Make the Look

Our stylish Traditional Tiny Blue Diamond Necktie is crosshatched with white woven silk, separated by navy, and finished with tiny blue silk diamonds.

How-to Care for Your Jack Franklin Necktie

We recommend dry clean only for your necktie. Also, to prevent damage don’t use stain remover. In between cleaning, iron the backside on a low-temperature setting. 


  • Label: Jack Franklin

  • 100% Wool Interlining

  • 100% Silk

  • Made on Italian Weavers

  • Wide: 60 inches L X 2.3 inches W