Wrangler Tweed Necktie
Wrangler Tweed Necktie
Wrangler Tweed Necktie
Wrangler Tweed Necktie

Wrangler Tweed Necktie


Casual fashion and silk tie meet in our Italian-Weave Wrangler Tweed Necktie. This solid color vintage-look necktie is what you need to take your look up a notch without going all-out black-tie. Try an understated sophistication that will turn heads.


Do you want to dress up those jeans with a collared white shirt? Add this Italian-Weave Wrangler Tweed Necktie by Jack Franklin and you’ll instantly go from casual to sophisticated. Of course, this tie works perfectly with a pair of cowboy boots, too. 

On the other hand, you can just as easily wear this tasteful necktie with slacks and a jacket to work or any upscale casual event.

Product Information

Our Italian-Weave Wrangler Tweed Necktie is crafted on Italian weavers. The luxurious fabric is 100 percent silk with a 100 percent wool interlining which makes this necktie thick and durable.

By the way, these neckties make excellent gifts.

Quality and Durability

Italian weavers ensure outstanding detailing, craftsmanship, and a tie that will last for years.

Tieler ties are packaged by professionals with an edge that is rolled and carefully pressed, ensuring a fullness rather than a flat crease.


Our Italian-Weave Wrangler Tweed Necktie is 60 inches long by 3.25 inches wide for a broad tie that has a vintage style and a modern feel.

Please note that sizing information is for reference only. A necktie should stop at your belt when it’s knotted. Therefore, we suggest measuring yourself to ensure that you’re getting a tie that will be the perfect fit for you. 

Solid Color

Our blue Italian-Weave Wrangler Tweed Necktie has the textured surface and flecked color of tweed with variations of cobalt and gray-blue. This tie is always tasteful against a white color.

How-to Care for Your Jack Franklin Necktie

We recommend dry clean only for your Italian-Weave Wrangler Tweed Necktie. Also, don’t use stain remover which may cause damage. In between cleaning, iron the backside of your tie on a low-temperature setting. 


  • Label: Jack Franklin

  • 100% Wool Interlining

  • 100% Silk

  • Made on Italian Weavers

  • Wide: 60 inches L X 3.25 inches W